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Look at your chat box — do you see a drop down menu or other such control that narrows the audience by participant type? If the organizer(s) and panelist(s) are not in the same room, which they often aren’t, using the full chat functionality will allow you to manage details behind the scenes so that you have both a lively unscripted exchange and also a polished event where everyone speaks in turn.

The last bit does exactly that – it waits for a new message from the websocket (if the user has said something) or from the subscription (someone else in the chat room has said something) and propagates the message to the other.Rather than introducing this live, the moderator can forward the question to the speaker and ask if they want to take the question on line or follow up afterwards.Case Example #4: Life Goes On An increasing percentage of people work from home today, and this increases the risk of unfortunate background noise and interruptions.# HTML and Javascript The subscriber channel is removed from the list.Now that you know how the chat room works, we can look at how the handlers expose that functionality using different techniques.

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