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In decentralized ecosystems, participants are left to govern themselves.Your local bar is a good example of a decentralized ecosystem: The owner provides tables, chairs and alcohol, but the patrons fend for themselves.While some see this ‘social proof’ as a strong indicator of the startup’s viability, others think this model promotes groupthink.By the nature of their role, matchmakers have access to a large amount of data on the people they connect.Income is derived from paid business customers, paid non-business customers and upgraded managing or executive business builders.

There are several platforms in the crowd funding space, most notably Kickstarter and Indiegogo. However, Angel List’s model tackles the problem by not only creating a funding platform, but also by acting as matchmaker for entrepreneurs and investors.When 4 sales of the same occur in one leg and 4 sales of the same occur in the other leg, a payment is made to the qualified representative.This can occur as often as the sales are made and the pay is derived from infinite levels.MORE: What I learned aboard Shell’s grounded Alaskan oil rig So, what, if anything, does this have to do with large enterprises?Industry leaders have deep visibility into the relationships between players in their industry, whether it’s their customers, suppliers or thied parties that help develop new products and services.

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