Dating between catholics and protestants

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When people of two different religions marry, they can sometimes manage to live peaceably together. However, the difference in religious views are never resolved. What was once a quiet stalemate becomes an explosive situation. They see the mother and father do nothing but fight over religion and then conclude that religion -- all religion -- is the problem.

It remains a point of contention between the couple. The idea that there is just one special person whom God wants you to marry is a myth. It biblical days there were people whose partner was chosen for them and whom they married having never met them before the day of their wedding. Yet these people still managed to have a happy marriage.

Of all the questions that hit my inbox, the most regular ones concern romantic relationships between Catholics and Protestants, particularly whether it is wise for one to pursue marriage across the religious divide.

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Whether they believe that for our sins we have need of Christ to be an only mediator in whom be two perfect natures, divine and human, the properties of them being preserved; Whether they believe that we be unified by faith without works; that there shall be as well a resurrection, as a general judgment, and other things of like sort, which I adhere in (maintain) because it were an infinite thing to descend unto more particularities.Following is a copy of the sixteenth-century English version translated from Peter Martyr’s Latin by Anthonie Marten (London: Henry Denham and Henry Middleton, 1583), a summary using the words of the text, and a few interpretive comments.“Let us chiefly examine whether the parties which are to be joined in matrimony, do agree together in the chief points of religion.” It is interesting to consider these tenets in the light of what today we would identify as “evangelical distinctives.” On the whole, they are compatible notwithstanding the omission of the doctrine of Scripture alone, which Peter Martyr seems to assume.When two people cannot agree, but marry anyway, their disagreement prevents them from becoming one as God desires.Marriage doesn't make the disagreements go away, it makes the situation worse because each person feels trapped in the relationship.

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