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“What in society makes them think that it's okay to message someone like that? There’s Straight White Boys Texting, which is exactly what it sounds like: (“You should come eat this dick for desert.” [sic]) Minority women seem to have it especially rough; there are a number of sites devoted to exposing the uniquely disgusting bile that seems to spew forth when certain white men attempt to woo Asian women. In the words of Elizabeth Bennet, "You are too hasty, sir."* * *Online dating is just like regular dating—if it had been sprinkled with radioactive dust and left out in the sun to get bigger, louder, and warped.

Or, for more run-of-the-mill indignities, check out Dudes of Tinder, a Tumblr collecting a combination of outlandish profile photos and gross messages (“Wanna meet up for some chicken? Traditional courting norms, in which men usually do the asking and women usually do the selecting, are escalated online.

Tweten posted an aggressive note she had recently received from a man who had sent her the same Ok Cupid line three times in the course of a month, asking her if she’d like to chat.

After ignoring it repeatedly, Tweten finally wrote back, “No.”His response: “WHY THE FUCK NOT? “If we don't respond, they come back and say, ‘you're a whore.’ If we do respond, we get yelled at and called names.

Tweten, who is 27 and works for an entertainment company in Los Angeles, has been on and off Ok Cupid since 2010.

She acknowledges that these types of messages come from a relatively small number of users.

Then he texted and said, "See you tonight at ." I corrected him by saying that I thought we'd set the time for 6.

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Seconds after he created his username, he received his first message.The name is a play on “Bye Felicia,” a meme used to signify that someone has left a party, and they won’t be missed.Since creating it Monday of last week, Tweten has received more than two dozen submissions.So I sent him, "This just got too weird for me, so I'm calling it off.Hope you have a safe flight." At which point he texted me five times about how it was just a stupid joke about how I was turning his hair white because I was giving him such a hard time.

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