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Elements of the style eventually spread from that hilltop down to the flats of Beverly Hills, south of Sunset, until it was essentially banned in 2004.

"All the other Iranians bought homes here" in the 1980s, "and we didn’t have the money to buy—not enough for a big down payment," Banayan told me one recent afternoon in Farsi.

She punctuated each historical note with: "And that was 3,000 years ago!

" These are the things that straighten the spine of anyone of Iranian heritage, including me: The high-minded regard for human rights expressed by our ancestors, and often lost in modern politics.

The style was eventually outright outlawed through oddly specific rules that were delivered with a heavy dose of side-eye; in 2004, the civil language of the Beverly Hills code took on what the Emerging trends have led some owners and developers in residential areas to disregard prevailing styles and neighborhood character … The style was treated as an invader and scourge on upscale neighborhoods all over Southern California, even though the local aesthetic has the consistency of quicksand.

Persians had been drawn to Beverly Hills and soon began to make their presence felt.S., rising to lead in many fields, the news here about Iran has been dominated by endless enmities and failed diplomacy for more than 35 years.The modern memory is tainted by a loop of mullahs shouting "Death to America" and the saber-rattling of American leaders who have dubbed the country an Axis of Evil.As a profound lover of her culture and history, she explained: Thousands of years ago, it was a Persian king who decreed that no worker should be a slave and banned work without pay.It was a Persian king who decreed a pregnant woman should stop working at seven months, but continue to receive pay.

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