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You keep hitting refresh on the in hopes that the gods have smiled down upon you and moved up the release date. Every time you hear someone say “low-key,” you hyperventilate a little because you thought they said, “Loki.” Yes, Loki, the wily trickster god you love to hate, plays a big role in this latest book.Sorry, guys, the book doesn’t hit shelves till Oct. He’s free of his chains and is prepping Naglfar, the Ship of the Dead, with a host of giants and zombies to sail into battle against the gods of Asgard, thus beginning the final battle of Ragnarok.“Any guy who says he doesn't want the lady to make the first move is lying.Guys are the laziest creatures on earth, and prefer expending the least amount of effort humanly possible, including in the bedroom or preferably on the couch, which is less of a walk,” Beckerman said.In the TARDIS, the four travellers are huddling around the Time-Space Visualiser, a television-like souvenir from their recent adventure at the Space Museum, which can pick up on any past event in the whole of time and space.The TARDIS then lands, and the Doctor confirms that the conditions are hospitable.I was tasked with reading the book and giving my take. if you believe in a black and white, stereotype-filled world where, “For guys, texting can be fun, like a sport or a video game.In sub-140-character-speak, The Rules say (actual quote): “Treat him a little bit like the guy you don’t care for! But for a girl, a text from a cute guy is really special, like winning the lottery.” You’ll love The Rules if you appreciate this subtle nuance of gender behavior: “Men love to buy and sell companies as well as extreme sports like mountain climbing and bungee jumping, while women love to talk about their dates and watch romantic comedies.” Related story: Dating 'Rules' get social media reboot with tips for texting, tweets Most guys I know feel the same as Alan Goldsher, who has written about relationships for MSN and Good Men Project: “I'm a pragmatic guy, and I've always thought most dating rules are absurd, so my general vibe about ‘The Rules’ is along the lines of, “Are you f***ing kidding me? Have some basic etiquette,” said Marty Beckerman, an editor of MTV’s Guy Code Blog and the author of manly-man book “The Heming Way.” “If I've gotta work in the morning, I don't want a damn smiley-face text to wake me up at 2 a.m.

As unfair and unfeminist as it sounds, a woman can do absolutely nothing to start a relationship.” True or false? For secure girls — no,” says David, a media manager in Los Angeles who preferred we didn’t use his full name.

And it’s up to Magnus and his pals to sail across the oceans of Midgard, Jotunheim, and Niflheim and face angry sea gods, giants, and a fire-breathing dragon to stop Loki.

Speaking of Loki—make that, low-key—you’ve been low-key stalking .

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