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Introduced by the former chancellor George Osborne in 2011, the rules mean a multinational company resident in the UK can lower its tax bill by shifting some taxable income to an off-shore corporation, known as a controlled foreign company (CFC).

But the commission believes the UK setup breaks EU competition rules by giving an unfair advantage to multinationals over British companies without foreign subsidiaries.

Osborne goes on to question Haddrill’s claim that the FRC “have a record of innovation in audit regulation that is second to none in the world” with the fact that one of the Big Four firms – KPMG again – only produces a “satisfactory” FTSE-350 audit 65% of the time.

(FRC) review of company accounts in relation to the current SFO court case against Tesco for its 2014 accounting scandal.

The firm’s Alec Pillmoor said: “We’ve seen a slightly more notable spike in IVAs – particularly among the 18 to 34 age group.” RSM added that it expects insolvencies to continue to rise into next year.

(CIOT) has said the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill fails to meet the government’s objective that the same rules and laws will apply on the day after leaving the EU as on the day before, a situation the Institute fears will lead to damaging uncertainty for taxpayers and government alike.

Analysis by the Institute for Fiscal Studies estimates that more than a third of self-assessment taxpayers under-report their income, with taxi drivers and B&B owners the worst offenders, while almost 60% of self-employed people are under-reporting.

The IFS said a decline in the number of audits conducted by HMRC meant revenue has gone down and that if all of the 10m taxpayers who self-assess were audited, this would bring in £8.3bn.

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HMRC chief executive Jon Thompson has told MPs the Revenue will need up to £450m in extra funding and between 3,000 and 5,000 extra staff if it is to cope with a no deal Brexit scenario.

The CFC finance company exemption is hardly akin to the European Commission’s recent ruling against Amazon’s sweetheart deal with the Luxembourg tax office”.

The European Court of Justice has ruled that bridge is not a sport and is therefore not entitled to a tax break under the EU’s VAT Directive.

Britain’s “controlled foreign companies” rules were introduced to prevent companies with international operations from shifting profits to avoid UK taxes, the FT notes, and the probe will examine a get-out for UK parent companies, the group financing exemption, which allows them to avoid paying British tax on interest paid by their subsidiaries on inter-company loans – if that interest is paid into an offshore intermediary.

Dominic Robertson, a tax lawyer at Slaughter and May, said: “This is potentially damaging for the companies that have used the rules, they are being told they may now have to pay back this benefit,” while Zoe Wyatt, partner at Milestone International Tax Partners, warned: “It is quite possible that the cost of the EC investigation will far outweigh any additional tax that may have to be paid to HMRC.

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