Updating apple memory

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With thanks to Paul Laughton, in collaboration with Dr.Bruce Damer, founder and curator of the Digi Barn Computer Museum, and with the permission of Apple Inc., we are pleased to make available the 1978 source code of Apple II DOS for non-commercial use.It was just pure genius.” When it came time to write DOS, there was a problem: the Apple II itself was not capable of assembling programs for its own MOS Technology 6502 microprocessor. A guy at Shepardson named Mike Peters would take those sheets and punch the cards.The punch cards would then be read into a National Semiconductor IMP-16 and assembled, and a paper tape produced.He was experienced with the design of large mainframe timesharing systems like IBM’s CALL/360, and he knew about compilers and operating systems.

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On April 10, 1978 Bob Shepardson and Steve Jobs signed a ,000 one-page contract for a file manager, a BASIC interface, and utilities.

This material is Copyright © 1978 Apple Inc., and may not be reproduced without permission from Apple.

There are seven files in this release that may be downloaded by clicking the hyperlinked filename on the left: Scott La Bombard, a dedicated vintage computer collector/restorer in New York, has done an amazing job researching and reconstructing Apple II DOS source code.

But Apple wanted a simpler way to access the file system from BASIC programs.

Somewhat reluctantly, Paul did that too, after the first June delivery of the code.

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