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The Lawyer explained the legal process and what to expect next…

and I asked about MI knife laws and if the knife My Son had was or was not legal according to the Law.

I hope everyone had a suitably celebratory Independence Day, or perfectly acceptable Tuesday for those not lucky enough to be American (I would hope all our readers feel pride in where they come from just as I do, so please take it in that vein).

I hope you paused said celebration long enough to ponder the significance of one of the greatest political documents ever written, as our friend Ethan Becker implored in his essay yesterday.

I remember him saying once how he always carried a small pocket knife and no ever bothered him. So imagine that, my oldest Son developed an interest in knives…

But when my ex-wife knocked at my door out of the blue that night and said we needed to talk about our oldest, my world changed completely. The Police report later confirmed My Son was doing nothing wrong when he was stopped and that he behaved very respectfully to and with the Officer that night.

I rounded the corner out my front door and onto my porch and saw my Son sitting in the front seat of my Ex’s van. The Officer had simply seen a clip on My Son’s back pocket and stopped him to see what it was.

It seems I was always had a use for one and so I always had a knife on me.

I remember I wasn’t 10 years old when the first Rambo Movie came out.

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