Nrc updating plant safety requirements

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At Prairie Island, we are making significant capital investments to replace Unit 2 steam generators, extend our dry fuel storage expansion and complete work on our main transformer.Our steam generator replacement work is currently in line with our estimated costs and outage durations.

These were meant to deal with the aftermath of a terrorist attack or plane crash; however, they would also be effective in responding to natural phenomena such as tornadoes, earthquakes or tsunami.

We will also be working to complete mandated regulatory projects focused on safety and cybersecurity in the coming years.

Xcel Energy’s two nuclear generating plants, Monticello and Prairie Island, produce no greenhouse gas emissions in their production of electricity.

3:2:1 is focused primarily on striving for top-quartile operating performance at our plants, with additional emphasis on building and sustaining a talented pipeline of people.

Our other nuclear strategic cornerstones include optimizing capital spending and improving productivity and efficiency.

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