Sprung the dating game nds review speed dating in leicester square

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Again, I was addicted to Sprung, but I also loved Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid.There's definitely a niche audience for this game, and I think it's a small one.But don't expect to be using the stylus to vomit goldfish or turn aside charging bulls here.Anyway, the discussions are actually fairly witty, and only once during the game did I find an impasse that got tedious.

One chapter may involve hooking up two other characters, and in the next chapter they hate each other or one of them wants to seduce you or whatever.Sprung is one of the first titles for the shiny new Nintendo DS, though it features no action sequences using the system's stylus nor does it really need both screens. Sprung has no nudity, and is in fact remarkably tame even though it deals with college-age young adults and a week of ostensibly hooking up with as many people as possible. Basically, Sprung is a G-rated version of those Japanese dating sims, which combine Choose Your Own Adventure sequences with nudity.And thanks to the true-love angle, there's really only one ending each for Brett and Becky.I mentioned the Japanese dating sims above, but those provide a modicum of free play where you can choose a partner. Also, the lack of real stylus action (you can just as easily use the keypad to scroll through your options) makes me wonder why Sprung wasn't beefed up for the DS.

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